Buffalo National River

“We are blessed in Northern Arkansas to have the Buffalo National River, the United States’ first national river.” - Steve Rush, Manager of Mystic Caverns

To preserve the Buffalo River as a free-flowing stream, the United States Congress designated it a national river in 1972. The River is about 130 miles long and takes in some of Arkansas’ most spectacular scenery. With bluffs towering as high as 440 feet, waterfalls, caves, and wildlife, the Buffalo National River has something to offer every nature lover.

The Buffalo National River access at Pruitt and Ranger Station are located about five miles South of Mystic Caverns on Scenic 7 Byway. Just over the metal bridge as you are heading south on Scenic 7, there is a parking area to the right beside the Ranger Station. From the parking area, it’s just short walk down to the river.

Steve Rush says, “The Buffalo National River is the crown jewel of the Arkansas Ozarks. I don’t think there is a more beautiful place in the world.”

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