Scenic Drives

The first scenic drive will probably take you about an hour and a half driving time. 

1) From Harrison, Arkansas, take Highway 7 South to Highway 74. Then go West on Highway 74 to Highway 43. Then go North on Highway 43 back to Harrison.

The second scenic drive will probably take you about two and a half to three hours driving time.
2) From Harrison, Arkansas, take Highway 7 South through Jasper, Arkansas, and on down to Highway 16. Then take Highway 16 West to Highway 21. Then take Highway 21 North to Highway 43. Then take Highway 43 North back to Harrison.

Some points of interest along the scenic drives:
On both drives, about seven miles South of Harrison on the left side of the Highway is a family owned hamburger place that has very good food. It's called Daisy Queen. Another half mile down the Highway on the left is a smoked meat place called Country Smoked Meats where they sell sandwiches as well as meats, cheeses, and gourmet goodies to go. Another mile down the road on the right is Mystic Caverns...a must see! Five miles past the caverns you will cross the Buffalo National River, just past the river bridge you can turn to the right by a small ranger's station, and drive down to a parking area where there are picnic tables. A short walk will take you to the river's edge with a beautiful view of a limestone bluff across the river. About a mile past the river there is a dirt road to the right that will take you down to the Ozark access to the river where there are places to camp. About five miles farther you will reach Highway 74. If you are taking the first driving tour, we suggest that you pass Highway 74, go on into the small town of Jasper, have a look around, and then return to Highway 74.

On drive 2, you will continue south climbing a mountain. At the top of the mountain is a gift shop on the left called Scenic Point. As you continue heading south for a couple of miles, you will see a restaurant on the left called the Cliff House which is a favorite stop for the fabulous view of the "Arkansas Grand Canyon", and their wonderful "Company's Comin' Pie". For your next few miles south, you will see some of the most beautiful views in Arkansas. When you reach Highway 16 which is about fifteen miles south of Jasper, you will be in the Ozark National Forest. After you turn onto Highway 16, in about one mile there will be a road to the right which you will take if you want to go to Alum Cove. This is one of the prettiest recreation areas around. There is a hiking trail that is about 1.1 miles long which crosses over a 130-foot long natural bridge, goes over a beautiful wet weather stream, and goes through sandstone bluff caves.