My name is Steve Rush, and I have been the General Manager at Mystic Caverns for the past seventeen years. It is our goal to provide you with an educational and entertaining experience. We strive to treat people with love and respect. We want each person who visits us to feel valued regardless of their race, status, or beliefs. You might wonder why we would have such a philosophy. It isn’t because it will bring us more business, although; it probably does. The reason for our philosophy is simple; I am a follower of Jesus. For me, this is a change that has taken place since I’ve been employed at the caverns.

In 1992, when I first started working for Mystic Caverns, I didn’t really care about people. I was concerned about the business making money. But, in September of 1993, God changed my heart. I put my faith in Him and asked His forgiveness through the sacrifice of His son Jesus. God loves us so much that while we were still running our own lives apart from Him, He allowed His only Son to die on a cross to pay the debt that we owe Him for living for ourselves.

God wants to have a personal relationship with every person. He wants us to give Him control of our lives. And, speaking from personal experience, there is so much more joy in life when God is in control.

If you have never begun your relationship with God, but think you would like to, or at least learn a little more about it, I recommend that you contact Yours for Life by clicking here.

I hope that you will come to tour Mystic and Crystal Dome Cavern, but it is far more important that you come to know The Savior, Jesus Christ because then you can take the Ultimate Tour -